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The Wide Lens (R. ADNER) 2012, Portfolio/Penguin

When my dear friend Rudy Moenaert recommends me a book, you can be sure it’s exiting. He recently referred me to ‘The Wide Lens’, a book about why companies do everything well from innovation, understanding customer needs to execution. One thing that is sometimes missed by companies is that you depend on other companies or […]

Great By Choice (J. COLLINS, M.T. HANSEN) 2011, Harper-Collins

In April 2012 I saw the book presentation ‘Great By Choice’ presented by Morton Hansen, at the INSEAD US Alumni meeting in New York. A must read book for professionals interested in product management and innovation. Jim Collins (Good to Great) writes his new bestseller after 10 years. Together with Morton Hansen he investigates which […]

Chesbrough on Open Innovation – 5 June 2012 – STIMA Mechelen

Henry Chesbrough on Open Innovation

B2B Marketing conference on ‘Open Innovation’

As president of the annual B2B Marketing Conference of STIMA, I would like to present the conference agenda for the 5th of June 2012. In order to increase your knowledge of Marketing and Innovation, you have a unique opportunity to attend a conference on ‘Open Innovation’ with prof Henry Chesbrough.Open Innnovation is the use of […]

We are all mystery shoppers. The tale of an experienced sales man.

October, 15 2011. Herentals, Belgium. An invitation to test drive the new Jaguar XF came to me by direct mail a few weeks ago, and I must say I was interested. As a loyal Volvo driver I was looking  forward to the ‘Jaguar Experience’. Nicely dressed and with a clean shave my wife and I […]

B2B conference: Hungry For Green Value

Finally, after a full year of work, we are proud to present the agenda of the B2B Marketing & Sales Conference 2011: Hungry for Green Value. Read more: Dutch: French: