Erwin Knuyt works as individual consultant or in team of partner consultants on projects such as:

  1. Advise

    Erwin works with executives to re-align their operations to the changing market conditions. His expertise lies in helping the executive team draft a comprehensive plan and align the plan with the internal competencies. Erwin’s role in on managing the process, bringing an outside perspective and make decision actionable.

  2. Project and program management

    Erwin’s experience in complex transformation projects is used by companies who need support in setting up and managing the project and program management teams. Erwin works mostly with the project teams of the client, and can add additional external resource when required. Erwin will take responsibility of scope, cost and timely delivery of the project. He will cover all aspects of the project such as: benefit realization, process redesign, IT alignment, change management and organizational impact.

  3. Action based learning

    Erwin has developed an offering of action based learning. SKEIN is focussing exclusively on in-company training programs. During these customized programs SKEIN supports the organisation to implement the learnings in projects and change initiatives.